The mission of the Estherville Police Department is to build stronger partnerships with the community to provide public safety, to enhance community service, and to improve the quality of life while maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity.

WELCOME from the Chief of Police

We at the Estherville Police Department take pride in our department and community. We are active in the community both socially and through the department, participating in school programs and community events. Many of our officers have children in the school system, and several officers are members of our community service groups.

We maintain a high level of proficiency by taking advantage of opportunities for continuing education. Faced with the constantly changing landscape of law enforcement, our officers attend special schools throughout the year. Many Estherville police officers are certified law enforcement instructors. These instructorships include pursuit driving, firearms, A.S.P. (expandable baton), defensive tactics, standardized field sobriety tests, Stop Stick tire deflation devices, Pursuit Intervention Tactic, D.A.R.E., and chemical munitions. Many of our officers are specialists in fields such as hostage negotiations, accident investigation, and youth gangs.

Photo - Law Enforcement CenterOUR VALUES: PRIDE - DEDICATION - SERVICE

Under the three headings of Pride, Dedication, and Service we can articulate all of those values which guide our efforts.

    We take pride in our department and in our profession. We are proud of who we are and what we do. Therefore, we
    • Respect and protect the rights of all citizens.
    • Treat all persons fairly.
    • Know the law.
    • Obey the law.
    • Enforce the law.
    • Maintain and respect confidentiality.

    By virtue of our oath of office and our role as law enforcement officers, we are dedicated in a special way to the public's service and therefore carry the public's trust. We recognize we must sometimes put the needs of others ahead of our own. Therefore, we
    • Are honest and truthful.
    • Are consistent in our beliefs and actions.
    • Hold ourselves to a higher standard of moral and ethical behavior.
    • Serve as role models for the community.
    • Recognize that our success is dependent upon the trust and confidence of the community that we serve.
    We are service-oriented. We see this community in a partnership role: our citizens are our partners as well as our clients. Therefore, we
    • Give first priority to situations which threaten life.
    • Use force only when necessary.
    • Treat all persons with dignity and respect.
Please browse through the link titled "About Us", and get to know our department better!

Thank you.

Brent Shatto, Chief of Police
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